In today's episode, host Uday Jhala speaks to Mustafa Ghouse CEO of JSW Sports , the organisation that is driving India's push to Olympic glory. Whether it is Neeraj Chopra, Sakshi Malik or Avinash Sable, what they all share in common is that they were scouted and trained at JSW Sport - Inspire Institute of Sport based in Vijaynagar, Karnataka. We dig deep into what it takes to be a force on the Olympic stage as an athlete and the work that takes behind the scenes as a company nurturing these athletes and collectively as a nation. We find out how JSW Sport has invested heavily into the best infrastructure and coaches, sports scientists and other minds to propel India's push for Olympic glory, taking many learnings from their failures and successes along the way. Large parts of the sporting administration in India serve as barriers to any large scale success on the Olympic level, whether that is superstitions surrounding training or dietary practices that have no logic in the modern world of sports science. The waters are murky and the road long, we hear from the horses mouth on how we plan to achieve our Olympic aspirations.

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