"There is a hot new brew of business and you have to decode the coffee beans to get it. 

Is there a large enough coffee lovers’ market in a chai nation and are they willing to pay a premium for it? How does unit economics work if one is chasing growth over profitability to please VC investors? How important are the locations of cafes or what matters most is the delivery model? Between a cortado and a cheesy bagel or a caramel macchiato and a crème bun, how does one make money? Host Arijit Barman pours over this 'Coffee'nomics with the trendiest names in the business right now – Sushant Goel, Co-founder & CEO at Third Wave Coffee, Matt Chitharanjan, Co-Founder & CEO at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters; Rahul Reddy, Founder at Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters to understand the business behind the beans. Credits: Lukrembo and Audio Library"

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