Sari-nomics: The economics behind revival of handloom sarees

Your mother's favourite Kanjeevaram and Banarasi saris are now back in vogue. Join us in this special Diwali episode, where we explain the economics behind the handloom sari's revival.

We bring to you special ground reports from the weavers in Varanasi and Kanchipuram, and inputs from designer Gaurang Shah, textile scholars Rta Kapur Chisti and Sabita Radhakrishna and Sujata Biswas, co-founder of Suta on why sustainability and slow fashion are contributing to handloom's popularity, but challenges still lie ahead for the weaver ecosystem. Music Credits: Relaxing Vibz, Zakir Hussain & Rakesh Chaurasia, Sony Music India, Vishal-Shekhar, Vijay Antony, Nabeel Khan/Denis Kucherov, RajVideoVision/Deva. Voice-over by Anirban Chowdhury.

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