Meme to Maverick: The Rise of Brand Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi's comeback in India's blockbuster general elections defied every exit poll and expert prediction. Once the target of the ruling party and its IT cell’s jokes, Gandhi walked across the country..literally..twice..into many more hearts than people had given him credit for. From bearing the dynast cross, to taking countrywide barbs in his stride to leading an opposition that snatched unbelievable swathes of political territory from the NDA in elections 2024, the rise of Brand RaGa is a story to tell. Host Ratna Bhushan does that with Prathap Suthan, the man behind campaigns like Incredible India, brand specialist Santosh Desai, and senior editor CL Manoj of The Economic Times!

Credits: Narendra Modi, Hindustan Times, Brut India (1), Brut India (2), Rahul Gandhi, India Today, Business Today 

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