The Economics, Politics & Possibility of One Nation, One Election


900 million voters, 545 Lok Sabha seats, 4123 State Assembly seats - Can India really synchronize this dance of democracy through One Nation, One Election? An old idea with a new decibel in debate. What is the economic, logistical, and political possibility of it becoming a reality? Host Kiran Somvanshi gets the pros and cons from Akshay Rout, Senior Fellow, NITI Aayog & Former Director General of Election Commission of India, Prof. Jagdeep S. Chhokar, Founding Member of the Association of Democratic Reforms along with ET's Anubhuti Vishnoi. Listen to the latest episode of The Morning Brief podcast!

Credits: Firstpost, Think School, ANI Bharat, DD News, RepublicWorld, The Indian Express

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