The Religare Rollercoaster: Burmans vs Saluja & Board


What is the conflict between Burmans and the board of Religare that took just one knight to push through an open offer to get a seat at the table? Why did the board, amid questions of compensations and ESOP, back the CEO and sideline the single largest shareholder? Tune in as Arijit Barman and Kiran Somvanshi break down a corporate takeover that has become a full-blown, all-out war between a doctor and the Daburs. Throw in the board, a betting scam, ED sleuths, and SEBI in the mix, and you have a blockbuster battle. What can the board do, and whose court does the ball move to next? Shriram Subramanian, Founder & MD of InGovern, and ET’s Reena Zachariah and Rashmi Rajput break it down with the TMB hosts.

Credits: CNBC-TV18 1, CNBC-TV18 2

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