K-Pop to K-Colleges: India’s Korea Craze Continues


From BTS to Bibimbap, K-culture is taking over India's Gen Z! But it's not just K-Pop and K-Dramas anymore. Studying abroad in South Korea is becoming super popular. But why the sudden surge? Host Prachi Verma dives into the reasons behind the "K-College" craze! South Korea offers high-quality education, lower costs compared to Western countries, and a chance to experience the Korean culture firsthand. Is South Korea the next big study abroad destination for India? Listen to Shantanu Singh, Director of EduCandor, and Rohin Kapoor, Partner - Management Consulting at BDO. We also get you the voices of two Indian students, one who is pursuing higher education in South Korea and the other on her way to South Korea. Tune in to the latest episode of The Morning Brief podcast!

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