What happens when the largest beer brewer in the world decides to launch its first-ever hard spirit-an American blended whiskey in India? AB InBev India, the leading beer and beverage company announced the launch of Budweiser Magnum Double Barrel whiskey in the Indian market. But the real question is - Is India, which has its taste for single malts or scotch whiskey then how will the dawn of bourbons look? our debutant host Shabori Das deep dives with Vineet Sharma, Vice President - Marketing & Trade Marketing at AB InBev India; Keshav Prakash, Founder - Vault Fine Spirits and Arijit Bose, Vertical head - Countertop division at Third Eye Distillery. 

Disclaimer - This episode does not advise or promote any consumption of Alcohol. The intention is purely informational.

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The Business of Whiskey | Podcast

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