Watch Before You Eat


A recent video about the sugar content of Bournvita caused an uproar. Its maker Revant Himatsingka withdrew it after receiving a legal notice from the firm that owned the health drink brand, which rejected claims that it had a high sugar content. The taking down of the video created a greater uproar - raising issues of health and, more crucially, what food companies are doing to maintain consumer faith in their brands and what is the food regulator doing about the ultra processed packaged foods that are high on sugar, salt and fats? In order to probe this, host Kiran Somvanshi speaks to Dr. Arun Gupta, Paediatrician and Conveyor of Nutrition Advocacy in Public interest (NAPI), Revant Himatsingka, Health Coach and Content Creator 'FoodPharmer' along with TMB co-host and ET’s Senior Editor, Ratna Bhushan.

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