Edtech giant Byju's set to finally release its financial accounts for the year 2020-2021, the govt seeks to relax norms to ease the sale of IDBI bank and another arrest in the NSE co-location scam case.

Roopsha Dasguupta  

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After much delay, India's most valued startup Byju's is expected to release its audited financial result for 2020-2021 next week, unnamed sources told News Agency PTI that Byju's now obtained an unqualified report from its audit partner Deloitte. Byju's delayed earnings had raised red flags, even with the government as the ministry of corporate affairs had issued a notice to Byju's, asking for the accounts to be released as soon as possible. In a new development in the nse colocation scam case. The enforcement directorate ed on Tuesday arrested former National Stock Exchange and SEC CEO Ravina Ryan, the former Managing Director and CEO of nse has been arrested in the connection with the case of illegal phone tapping at the exchange. Narayan was the MD and CEO of the National Stock Exchange from April 1994 till March 2013. The government has reached out to the Securities and Exchange Board of India seeking a two year relaxation in the minimum public shareholding MPs norms for IDBI bank once it is privatized. People familiar with the development told the economic times the relaxation of the minimum public shareholding norms is expected to make IDBI a more attractive investment for potential buyers as it gives an extended time for compliance.

In global news health takes center stage. Hong Kong reported its first monkeypox case diagnosed in a 30 year old man who reported symptoms while in hotel quarantine, after flying into the city after having visited US, Canada and the Philippines. Meanwhile, Australia who has not had foot and mouth disease since 1872, has banned imports of meat products for personal use from all countries with foot and mouth disease. The disease is endemic and estimated to circulate in almost 80% of the global livestock population, mainly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. You have been listening to Roopsha Dasguupta, tune into et play Economic Times latest platform for all audio content.

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